Our Sponsors

We thank the following companies for supporting SASS in our endeavours.


boston consulting group

The Boston Consulting Group bring experienced industry professionals together to provide effective and sustainable solutions to issues faced by corporations. Working closely with their clients, they are able to provide assistance specific to the needs of the company to ensure that no challenge is met without a concrete and lasting solution.

We appreciate their partnership for the year ahead and are grateful for the opportunity to work closely with them on a number of projects.


Little Fat Lamb

Little Fat Lamb is a cider sold in a variety of flavours and is guaranteed to create unforgettable nights as the perfect addition to any university or college gathering.

2019 is the second year we have been fortunate enough to partner with Little Fat Lamb, who have provided us with resources for events such as our First Year Camp. We are grateful for their support and look forward to many more years of partnership with the company.


The University of Sydney Union

The USU is a not-for-profit organisation who, since 1874, have been the primary provider of programs, services and facilities that enhance campus life for the thousands of students who join the union.

SASS is one of the largest societies at the University of Sydney, and without the support of the USU we would not be able to provide students with the amazing experiences that we do.