Free ACCESS From 2019!

In wake of the USU's big announcement...

SASS is now FREE!

There is no longer a financial barrier to gaining ACCESS membership. SASS has no individual membership fee, and that means that EVERY Arts and Social Sciences student can become a fully fledged SASS member, with all of the benefits, without the hefty payment.

Think BIGGER, BETTER events; a frequent newsletter with valuable career, networking and social opportunities; and being able to invite all your Arts friends to every SASS event.

You will still be required to sign up for a free ACCESS number in order to become a member of SASS. This is available from February 18, 2019. Existing membership holders can also renew for free from this day.

We can't wait to have each and every one of you on board for 2019.


Welcome the 2019 Executive!

We are delighted to announce the 2019 SASS Executive, as follows:

President: Brooke Salzmann
Yash Gurram
Nick Rigby
Vice President (External): Nick Forbutt
Vice President (Internal):
Katherine Anagno
Socials Directors:
Yanyan Chen and Georgia De Mestre
Publications Directors: Nikole Evans and Doris Prodanovic
Marketing/Design Officer:
Nicole Baxter
IT Officer:
Martin Liu
Sponsorship Officer: Laura Glase
Sports Officer:
Vithushan Lingam
International Student Representative:
Aditya Nair
Postgraduate Student Representative: Tim Seguna
Queer Officer:
Lawson Grimes Wrigley
Wom*nā€™s Officer: Telita Goile


We would also like to note that this year the executive consists of 9 women, one of the best ratios SASS has ever seen. We are excited for the year ahead with so many empowered and inspiring women on board, as well as the influences of international students, LGBT+ students and people of colour.

We look forward to serving SASS in 2019 - stay tuned for exciting social events, career opportunities and entertainment events throughout the year.

SASS xoxo